Looking for an exhilarating jungle adventure
near Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica?

Explore the best Canyoning course in Arenal Volcano

A canyoning tour that combines the thrill of waterfall rappelling, invigorating hikes, and exciting vertical challenges.

Join us for a memorable experience and let us guide you through the breathtaking world of canyoneering. 

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Our Canyon

Immerse yourself in an unparalleled adventure by booking our thrilling canyoning and waterfall rappelling, in the enchanting setting of Pocosol Forest. Situated near the renowned Children’s Eternal Rainforest and nestled within the majestic Peñas Blancas River Canyon, this activity will offer you the chance to conquer five waterfalls in a dreamlike natural environment.

You’ll descend into a breathtaking world of cascading waterfalls, hidden trails, and rocky cliffs. Rappel down vertical drops, leap into refreshing pools, and navigate through narrow gorges, surrounded by the lush tropical rainforest. At the end a nice family will reward you with a Costa Rican lunch.

Departure Times from La Fortuna

Morning Tour 6:30 am

Mid-day Tour 9:30 am


4 hours Total
2 hours Rapelling
35 minutes of Transportation(each way)
45 minutes lunch time
15 minutes Safety Speech

Age Restrictions

Minimun Age 7 years old
Maximun Age 70 years old

Weight Limit

Weight restriction of 220lbs but ok if a bit more if your waist is less than 43 inches.

Physical Condition

You must be in reasonable fitness to hike mountain trails between waterfalls. Not recommended for people with low mobility, cardio respiratory diseases, or pregnancy.

Healthy Food

We offer, traditional Costa Rican food (rice, beans, fried plantains, vegetable hash, green salad or and pico de gallo), with beef in sauce or options for Vegetarian and Vegan

authentic costarican food

What to Bring

- Secure shoes for hiking (closed toed, protect from snake bites), non slippery soles.
- Comfortale clothes for hiking and get wet
-Extra outfit
Please Note: Stuff and backpacks will stay safe in the bus with the driver.

Looking for a full day adventure?
this combination may be interesting for you:

abc canyoning tour arenal volcano
ABCcanyoning a safe and fun canyoning experience

A of Adrenaline

Prepare to immerse yourself in the heart of nature and feel the adrenaline rush as you descend down cascades, using ropes and harnesses to safely rappel along the glistening walls of the waterfalls.

B of Brace Yourself

 Our tour is designed for thrill-seekers who are ready to brace themselves and take on the challenge of descending waterfalls. We believe in starting small to build confidence, so beginners begin their journey with gentle streams and small cascades. As skills progress and confidence grows, participants gradually tackle larger and more exhilarating waterfalls, to finally graduate with a 230 ft waterfall.

abc canyoneering adventure tour costa rica

C of Challenge:

As you traverse the rugged terrain, prepare yourself for exhilarating vertical challenges, such as climbing and scrambling over rocky surfaces. Push your limits and conquer nature’s obstacles as you test your strength, balance, and agility on this canyoning tour.

abc canyoning experience

Our Rappelling Instructors  

 Our expert instructors provide comprehensive training and equip you with the necessary knowledge and gear to brace against the rushing water and navigate the rugged terrain. With each descent, you’ll feel the adrenaline surge through your veins as you conquer nature’s mighty forces.

Furthermore, our guides are certified bilingual rappelling instructors. Moreover, they are also naturalist guides with vast knowledge of natural history, geography, and ecology. Throughout the tour, our experienced guides will ensure your safety and provide valuable insight into the region’s rich biodiversity and geological wonders. Additionally, they will share fascinating stories and insights into the area’s flora, fauna, and history, enhancing your overall experience.

arenal best canyoning tour

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